Thursday, August 26, 2010

HTC Legend Axed By Bell

     Bell has announced that they will no longer be carrying the HTC Legend due to some supply constraints but they're promoting the Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant as an alternative to the Legend. The Problem with the Supply was the AMOLED screens that were only manufactured by Samsung. The Legend was a great-entry level Android phone with it's really cool aluminum body. It was packed with features but the main focal point he the fabulous AMOLED screen. Bell has said that the Legend ill be only available until supplies last but if you don't manage to get one from Bell, you can always go online.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Apple iPhone 4 Review

     Apple's new iPhone has gain a lot of attention over the past month but the problem is that most of it is all bad. his reviews has been long awaited and I promise my review of this phone willl not be influenced by Apple's antenna problem.
     First let's talk about the iPhone's screen. This capacitive LCD multi-touch screen is not the best screen on the market. The disadvantages of the LCD screen is that it is heavier and thicker than other screens but the upside is that this screen has a 960x640 resolution, which is pretty great. Don't believe about the screen having more pixels than the human retina because it is not true. The size of the screen is perfect at 3.5 inches, which is not big to hold. Apple claims that their new tempered glass is stronger and more flexible than plastic which is completely BS. The great thing is that this screen is scratch resistant but I wouldn't hesitate to put a screen protector on.
     The design of this phone is astounding and sophisticated.  I have to hand it to Apple, they'v designed one of the best looking phones ever. This phone is one of the thinnest on the market right now. This new design is so much better than the 3G and 3GS which had the hideous curved plastic backing. I've always wondered why Apple changed from an aluminum back in the 2G to a plastic backing in the 3G and now the tempered glass backing in the new iPhone.
      Apple has loaded the iPhone with an Apple-branded Samsung A4 processor which is clocked at 1GHz. The iPhone is loaded with iOS4 which is a big upgrade but is still missing some key features such as flash support and live wallpapers from Android. Other cool things about this iPhoen is that it has LED flash paired with a not so nice 5MP camera. Most of the "so-called" features should not be called features because they are widely available on most smartphones today.
     Apple's new iPhone is a big improvement from the 3GS. Some of the features shouldn't be considered features but that's okay. This phone would be good for anyone who doesn't mind the antenna problem and for anyone because of it's sleek design.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Reasons Why The Dell Streak Isn't Worth It

The new Dell Streak has been released in the past month gaining a lot of attention but no in a good way. Some people say, including myself, the new Dell Streak came a little to late. This device has been plagued with setbacks which affected the official release date of the phone and now the features that it holds are all standard on most Android phones, so there is nothing to make it stand out in the crowd. The only feature that makes it stand out is the monstrous 5 inch screen and to me that is not really a feature it is just a disadvantage unless you have big hands or big pockets. This phone is plagued with disadvantages and I don't even think that the advantages can even out with the disadvantages. The big disadvantage is the size of the screen but many people will think this is an advantage though, so I will state the advantages and disadvantages of the screen. With the screen being so big, you would assume that the resolution would be better the than the regular 480x800 resolution. Well it's not and I believe this is a major let down but the upside of this screen is that this screen is great for watching videos or even reading a e-book. The other features of this phone are not that great, they're just standard features. This phone will not survive on the open market for long, it's just to big for the hands and is a hassle to hold when making a phone call. The device can be considered many different things, Dell calls it a tablet, while everyone calls it an over sized phone or a really small tablet. What do you think it is?